Alpha Storage & Equipment

New and Second Hand Boltless Shelving for Sale in Australia

When you are looking for a durable and economical storage solution, new and used boltless shelving is the perfect solution. Alpha provides boltless shelving in Melbourne, Sydney and other Australian cities that offers a unique combination of strength and durability, ease of installation and surprising value. This storage solution has an attractive design and appearance suiting applications such as home, garage, office and warehouse.

The advanced design of the new and used boltless shelving for sale with Alpha is integral to its strength; with its innovative functionality, these shelves have the advantage of being easy to install and manoeuvre while boasting strength and integrity.

This type of storage is extremely durable and economical for all types of storage, strong and versatile enough to handle a variety of loads. As storage needs differ by application, this solution provides a range of optional features. Add-on open and closed shelving units enable you to build a system that is specific to your space requirements. By selecting Alpha, you can create a personalised storage solution that is suited to your facility and needs.

"There is nothing better that an organised space"

Applications can include:

  • Shop Fittings
  • Small Parts
  • Warehouse
  • Archive Shelving
  • Schools
  • Home
  • Libraries
  • Garage
  • Tyre Storage

To learn more about this storage solution and if it is right for your space, or to order new or second hand boltless shelving in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond, please get in touch with us today.