Alpha Storage & Equipment

New & Used Material Handling Equipment

If you are searching for material handling solutions for your warehouse, Alpha Storage & Equipment has a broad range of machinery that is designed to improve efficiency and safety.

Alpha, in conjunction with our strategic suppliers e.g. TOYOTA, BT & SIAT, supply quality new and used fork trucks and other material handling equipment to a wide range of clients across Melbourne. In doing so, we provide the most suitable and effective machinery or conveying solution that best suits the application.

Our range makes it easier to handle a wide range of materials

In a warehouse setting, time is money. Efficiency is paramount – and great efficiency comes down to the equipment you have on hand. Here at Alpha, we stock a wide selection of warehouse equipment that is designed to make life easier. While we specialise in the sale of new and used fork lift trucks (e.g. Toyota, Raymond and Crown etc.), we can also supply the following:

Wide flexible roller conveyer. This mobile conveyer is an effective way to shift materials from one part of the warehouse to another. With galvanised steel rollers and heavy duty, lockable casters, it’s the easy way to handle many different materials.

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Hydraulic hand pallet jacks. Pallets make it quick, easy and safe to lift heavy pallets within the warehouse. Built to last, they are suited to many uses.

Hydraulic hand stacker. Stacking boxes and pallets has never been easier; this hydraulic hand stacker caters to different uses and is safe and simple to use.

Hoppers. The easiest way to transport or temporarily store materials, our quality hoppers are a warehouse essential. Available in a number of sizes and styles.

Ladders. Quickly and safety access materials at height with our wide range of quality ladders. Stable and durable, we offer designs to suit differing purposes.

Team bins. For convenient, simple storage, our team bins are ideal. A great alternative to storeroom cabinets, they can be assembled in different sizes and shapes to suit the space in question.

Warehouse handling has never been easier!

When it comes to warehouse equipment, we have you covered. From pallet jacks to safety ladders, our selection of products makes for a more productive, organised warehouse.

For more information regarding our range, please get in touch today on 1300 732 494.