Alpha Storage & Equipment

New and Pre owned Reach Trucks

BT USED trucks are a sensible alternative

Buying a BT USED truck is a very cost effective and safe alternative for many customers,applications, and situations.

Full range of trucks

As BT is one of the largest suppliers of trucks we will always be able to find a truck with the right specification through USED network within the BT group. BT USED trucks mainly originate from our long term rental fleet. All trucks will have been subject to comprehensive service by BT service engineers throughout their lives so far, which guarantees that they have been taken care of to the highest standards.

Spare parts

Spare parts are readily available for all models, and peace of mind is guaranteed with BT trucks thanks to our comprehensive warranty

Quality approved trucks

All BT forklift trucks have to pass our thorough safety inspection and functionality test before they are sold.

Service standards

All used forklift trucks are offered with our range of service standards. To go with your BT  trucks, you can select from any of  our wide range of service packages, which apply to all of our products, new or used.

Batteries and chargers

We supply appropriate batteries and chargers with all BT USED warehouse material equipment