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Pallet racks are an essential and prevalent element of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail centres, and other storage and distribution facilities. Here at Alpha Storage & Equipment, we supply an extensive range of warehouse racking solutions by way of pallet racking systems.
The right racking system will help you increase capacity, improve operating efficiency and create more picking locations.
Our experienced Solutions team use their technical expertise to find the ideal configuration for your business, conducting site surveys and providing detailed rack layouts based on your specific needs, be it to suit the fork lift truck type you use, your pallet types, load capacities or work flow.
Alpha storage & equipment offers an affordable and effective range of pallet racking
Alpha Storage & Equipment is built on its strong foundations of innovation, market leading concepts, rigorous testing and producing quality products and services every time. We are continuously aiming to build our reputation in the way of improving quality of products and the solutions that we offer. At Alpha Storage & Equipment we are Australia’s premium independent manufacturer and supplier of pallet racking, shelving and all other warehouse and storage needs.