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Safety Audits

The fundamental operations in a warehouse include pedestrian and material handling traffic, therefore, accidents can happen anywhere anytime to anyone. Unfortunately, many employers and employees only become aware of dangerous work practices or faulty equipment as a result of a serious accident at their workplace.

safety audit

Pallet Rack is often seen as a static item that is almost indestructible and just part of the building...

Alpha Warehouse Solutions Safety Audits are based on Inspection, Assessment and Documentation as Management and Staff need to understand the following:


  • Basic Pallet Rack design principles
    • Components
    • Structure
    • Signs

  • Their obligation to conform with the Australian Standard
    • Requirements
    • Tolerances
    • Maintenance

  • Correct use and applications
    • Loading & Unloading
    • Environment


safety audit

Safety Audits MUST be carried out on a regular basis, Alpha Warehouse Solutions recommends a minimum of one every 12 months to inspect, assess and document all findings to assist with your warehouse safety procedures.

Did you know that 70% of workplaces do not conform to Australian Standards? Do not be amongst them, phone Alpha Warehouse Solutions now to book in for a Safety Audit and prove that you care for your business and its employees.

Preventive Measures:

safety audit

Some Requirements for Pallet Racking

Steel storage racking must comply with AS 4084 and manufacturers specifications. This includes obligations to:


  • Ensure that manufacturers configuration drawings for the system as installed, detailing Safe Working Loads applicable, are available at the workplace.

  • Replace damaged uprights or remove all bays with damaged uprights from service.

  • Ensure accurate safe working load plaques are displayed on the racking.

  • Ensure that all racking uprights are properly levelled and fitted with base or bearing plates that are anchored to the floor according to the manufacturers recommendations.

  • Ensure that all shelf beam connectors are fitted with an effective shelf beam safety device (locking device).

  • Ensure training and instruction given to employees, concerning the operation and maintenance of steel storage racking complies with AS 4084 and manufacturers specifications. Such training would include detail on the correct application of the equipment, the SWL to be adhered to, a prohibition on unauthorised alteration of the racking configuration and the requirement to report any damage to the racking.