Alpha Storage & Equipment

Second Hand Pallet Racking

Alpha has a wide range of second hand Dexion, Colby, Schaefer, Spacerack, BrownBuilt and Keylock pallet racking  ranging in all sizes. If you are looking for add on components for your existing system or looking to expand your premises, Alpha will have what you need in second hand Pallet Racking, for example:

  • Pre-owned Dexion  Keylock Mark3
  • Pre-owned Dexion Keylock  Mark5
  • Pre-owned Dexion Drive In Rack Mark 3 and Mark 6
  • Pre-owned Colby
  • Pre-owned Colby 1.5mm SD
  • Pre-owned Colby 1.5mm RF
  • Pre-owned Colby 1.9mm RF
  • Pre-owned Colby 2.4 RF
  • Pre-owned Schaefer
  • Pre-owned Schaefer 75mm pitch old style
  • Pre-owned Schaefer 50mm pitch new style
  • Pre-owned APC
  • Pre-owned BrownBuilt

Please note that due to the high turnover rate for used racking, we cannot guarantee brands and sizes, nor can we put aside and hold any used material if requested. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for, please ask to speak to one of our reps to see if an alternate solution can be found.



Alpha is not an authorised representative of the manufacturers of the above racking products and dose not have any relationship to the manufactures of the above products (unless stated otherwise). All products in this range are second hand and are not new nor are they being sold for or on behalf of the manufacturers