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Automation and Conveyors
Automation and Conveyors
Automation and Conveyors

Automated storage systems cover a large range of conveying systems with integrated data handling and scanning systems. Conveying systems can be from small parcel conveyors to large pallet conveyors, incorporated in mobile racking systems, to help in efficiency and precision of stock movement and control of staff levels.

  • Ease of stock control and data entry
  • Ideal for food manufacture and distribution applications
  • Precise and efficient stock control and order picking
  • Unequal space saving advantages
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Warehouse Automation

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are inventory management systems that are widely used in distribution centres and warehouses. AS/RS systems generally consist of machines that move up and down one or multiple parallel storage aisles, storing and retrieving products and materials for dissemination to internal and external destinations alike. The advantages of these systems are numerous. They provide users with increased inventory control and tracking, including greater flexibility to accommodate changing business conditions. Indeed, these systems are comprised of modular subsystems that can be easily replaced to minimize downtime and extend the service life of the overall system. AS/RS systems also reduce labour costs, lowering necessary workforce requirements, increasing workplace safety, and removing personnel from difficult working conditions (such as cold food storage environments). Perhaps most significantly, however, AS/RS systems can produce major savings in inventory storage costs, as vastly improved warehouse space utilization ”both vertically and horizontally” creates greater storage density.

Automated Storage Features:

  • Material for the picking operator is presented at an ergonomically ideal position for operator interface. These locations can be at the end of an aisle, or along the sides of the system allowing multiple operators to be served by a single aisle of equipment.
  • Picking instructions are normally integrated into the Human Machine Interface (HMI) at the picking station, significantly reducing the complexity for a picking operator, and reducing the learning curve a new operator must complete in order to be fully productive
  • Variety of Load Handling Methods Including a single or dual shuttle, frame, robotic arm, or extractor load transfer methods. This flexibility allows you to choose the method that best fits your needs.
  • Multiple Speed Options This AS/RS is available with multiple horizontal and vertical speeds allowing you to pick the machine that matches your requirements; high-speed order picking included.
  • Multiple Heights Allows you to maximize the use of overhead space, from 10 to 50 in height, and even higher is some specialty applications.
  • Easy Maintenance Designed with modular construction and built-in diagnostics simplify installation and maintenance of the AS/RS Mini Load.
  • Small Footprint The Mini Load has a footprint as narrow as 7 and is easily installed close to the factory or warehouse use point.
  • Space Efficient This AS/RS provides easy access to totes, multiple items per tote and likewise permits computerized location tracking for thousands of stock keeping units.