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Raise Storage Area
Raise Storage Area

Providing New and Used Raised Storage Areas to Warehouses

One of the main objectives of any warehouse space is to create a functional storage solution that is efficient and safe. Providing new and second hand raised storage areas, Alpha can help you get the most out of your warehouse space. Raised storage areas, or mezzanine floors, are a great way to utilise space that otherwise goes unused.

At Alpha, we provide raised storage areas throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane that can effectively enhance your storage capabilities. Depending on the size of your warehouse, and the storing requirements of your business, new or used storage areas can be one or multiple levels. This really helps you to get the most out of your space and avoid expensive costs that come with buying or renting a different property or adding another section with a renovation project.

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Many options available

Look for new or second hand raised storage areas online and you will find a wide range of configuration options to suit your needs. A mezzanine floor can be constructed in one of two ways; one with pallet racking supporting the system, and one where the space underneath the floor is kept clear. Both of these options has its benefits and can be useful for storing products. No matter which design you choose, you also get the benefit of a number of possible add-ons, such as handrails, conveyors and lifts.

Whether you require mezzanine floors in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, we can provide a helpful service that fulfils your needs. We know every warehouse is different, and the requirements in storing products will vary. We can custom design your system to meet your needs and create a solution that is easily installed and relocated as required.

Learn more about our new and used raised storage areas online or call 1300 732 494.