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Pallet Racking Relocation

Moving Pallet Racking from one warehouse to another includes planning out the new warehouse’s racking layout to maximize the storage area. We will evaluate if any of your existing pallet racking materials can be used in the new warehouse.

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Since we are in the new & used material handling business, we can give you credit for any items that do not work in the new storage design. Our relocation service includes teardown, packaging, shipping, and re-installing the existing/new system at your new warehouse location.

One of the most common needs in our industry is to relocate pallet racking. Alpha's team of certified installers work safely & efficiently to get the job completed as quick as possible, therefore assisting the customer with as little down-time as possible.

Relocating pallet racking systems requires Alpha to compare your existing pallet racking system to your needs and objectives. In many instances we will move your existing pallet racking system into your new facility without any changes. However, after evaluating your new warehouse/storage space and material handling requirements, we may find that your old warehouse pallet racks are not going to take full advantage of the new space without making some adjustments.

At this time we may provide you with AutoCAD drawings illustrating the most efficient use of the new space for your pallet racking storage requirements. Building height, exit, dock door locations and column placements are factors that have to be considered when determining the new layout.


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